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By Force Staff, 02/01/22, 5:45PM CST


It started as a blank piece of paper. No directions. Few restrictions. An empty canvas. 

And now, here we are. A jersey created completely from the imagination of one girl. Her name is McKenzie Jost.

McKenzie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis shortly after birth. The disease means her body produces extra thick and sticky mucous that can build up in her lungs and cause bacterial infections. She has been treated at Sanford Children's Hospital for as long as she can remember. Last year alone, McKenzie was hospitalized five times. That’s five times she was away from her four siblings for more than 10 days. Five times she missed school. Five times she was stuck in the hospital without visitors to protect her from COVID-19.

Her jersey represents many things.

The chance to create. The opportunity to see an idea at it's start and watch it come to life, weaving pieces of herself within the design throughout the process.

On the back of her jersey McKenzie will wear 65, A number she has become all to familiar with. As a child with cystic fibrosis the number 65 was used as a tool to help her learn how to say the name of the disease she has known all her life.

65 Roses.

Cystic Fibrosis.

From the imagination of a child to a two hundred foot sheet of ice.

To learn more about McKenzie and her story visit and click here to purchase tickets for Sanford Children's Night on Saturday, February 12 at 6:05 PM. Jerseys will be auctioned off ONLINE stay tuned for the link!